Sustainability – engineered into every part

Sustainability is incorporated into everything we do. From product design that minimizes material content and utilizing energy efficient machines, to processing new recycled feed streams and creating industry leading recycled resins, we work to help our clients lower costs, limit pricing volatility and reduce their environmental impact. The net effect is enhancing the total value for our customers and protecting the world around us — from start to finish (and sometimes back again).

Holistic Sustainability Engineering

Starting with the initial part conception, all the way through the production of your product and ultimately to the recycling and reclamation of valuable raw materials — Technimark helps our clients achieve their sustainability objectives while reducing our own carbon footprint. Technimark’s holistic sustainability initiatives include:

Design: Minimizing the amount of plastic resin in a molded part is the single most significant contribution to sustainability. Sustainability through design is engineered into the very products we create every day for our customers. For example, our team will explore ways to light-weight the product through design, use resin displacement additives or design the product to be nested in order to reduce freight expense and greatly reduce the number of trucks on the roadways.

Materials: Technimark develops, compounds and molds high-performance recycled resins. Our polymer chemists are continuously exploring and developing renewable resource resins that can hold up under the pressures of high volume manufacturing conditions and requirements. In fact, their commitment to this effort has resulted in recycled grades of PP and PS that have received letters of non-objection from the FDA — suitable for many types of food packaging.

Manufacturing: Technimark uses advanced, energy-efficient facilities and manufacturing solutions. For example, facilities may be lit by energy efficient lighting solutions at any of our plants around the world, and more products each year are molded on the latest in high efficiency electric molding machines.

Technical: The Company’s engineering expertise and commitment to manufacturing innovation drives more efficient and higher output operations. Many of our technologies have enabled faster cycle times and higher cavitation than previously thought possible, which have proven to lower unit costs and reduce energy consumption.

It all translates into better products, lower costs, a smaller environmental footprint and enhanced value for our customers and the world around us, from start to finish (and sometimes back again).


Sustainability is also part of our business

Vertical integration offers lower costs, reduced pricing volatility and more environmentally friendly products.

Wellmark, a subsidiary of Technimark, is a captive reprocessor and custom compounder of recycled resins. This vertical integration allows Technimark to offer our customers a distinct competitive advantage by providing sustainable recycled resins that enable claims of specific levels of recycled resin content and by utilizing recycled resins for high performance manufacturing, which lowers costs and reduces pricing volatility as compared to virgin resin alternatives. Wellmark has established a stable feed stream of recycled materials and continues to cultivate new sources to be used in future recycled resins and custom compounds formulated for specific applications. After almost two decades of growth, Wellmark now recycles more than 60 million pounds of plastic annually and provides some of the most sustainable recycled resin grades produced anywhere in the world — including recycled grades of PP (polypropylene) and PS (polystyrene) that have received an FDA Letter of No Objection for food packaging. Wellmark ensures a reliable recycled-material supply chain, including both pre- and post-consumer materials. We have the ability to consistently create and deliver eco-friendly, recycled resins and custom compounds that can stand up under the pressure of industrial-scale manufacturing and real-world use. We’ve proven this by using these materials in our own proprietary products, as well as for our industry-leading clients. Technimark and Wellmark have opened the door to meeting your sustainability objectives and creating new eco-friendly, industry-leading solutions for your products.


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