Technimark Sustainability Policy

Our Vision at Technimark is to lead global injection molding by incorporating environmentally friendly concepts into design, molding, automation, and all aspects of our business and processes.


We stay abreast of new technologies in sustainability and green manufacturing and incorporate them into our daily operations.


Sustainability has been a pivotal part of our organization for over 20 years. Our operations continually strive to reduce our environmental impact by incorporating green concepts into our designs, packaging and raw materials.


We are committed to conserving water, minimizing energy consumption, and reducing waste within all areas of our operations.


We meet or exceed all required federal, state and local regulations pertinent to our operations. Through our wellness programs we encourage our employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Wherever possible, we use natural resins, packaging and cleaning products in our operations.


Our design and development teams strive to use innovative concepts in our product designs.


Each year we increase our use of recycled components in our manufacturing facilities. Through our subsidiary, Wellmark, we are a leader in thermoplastic recycling.


We continue to look for new ways to conserve, reduce, reuse, reclaim and recycle.


We strive to reclaim oil, water, resin, and packaging throughout our operations.


We increase our employees’ knowledge regarding sustainability by providing training and educational opportunities and a forum by which green ideas can be sought, shared, and rewarded.