Technimark’s innovation team 3D-prints and assembles face shields for employees and hospital workers

Product Design Engineer assembles 3D printed face shields in ADM lab

Technimark’s innovation team, based in Asheboro, NC, is using technology and creativity to find ways to protect their fellow employees as well as healthcare workers on the front line of this crisis. Using a public domain design, they have been 3D-printing components and hand constructing face shields as quickly as they can.

So far, they’ve produced hundreds of shields, and they are working on ways to ramp up production further. The shields are being distributed to regional hospitals, health care professionals, and employees (where required).

Winning the battle against something as powerful as COVID-19 takes commitment, concentration, and creativity. The Technimark team of innovation specialists is doing all that and more to find ways to protect their fellow employees and those on the front lines of this healthcare crisis.